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    In the past few decades, Management and Engineering education have become one among the most coveted disciplines globally, which especially gained ground as a result of Globalization, Privatization and Liberation.

    Being a relatively context-specific discipline, BEST INDUSTRY ORIENTED COLLEGE’s prime focal point is to build Students in a broad spectrum both by GLOCALLY and adoption of latest Industrial Technologies in order to avoid empirical threats. Currently, the emphasis is to provide tremendous potential management and engineering professionals to contribute to the country’s Economy and break the shackles of mediocrity and to reach effortlessly for excellence and creation of “KNOWLEDGE SOCIETY”.


    Best Emerging Engineering College of Delhi-NCR by World Education Summit 2019

    Best Upcoming College in Haryana by Times Research

    Most Distinguished Educator Award in North India by Brands Academy

    Best Leadership Award in Technical education by AITMC

    Award for Excellence in Technical Education by EFM

    Best Industry Interface Award by Brands Academy

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    Research & Publications

    Book Published Title Publication Author
    Engineering Physics Vily Publications Dr. R.K. Garg
    Engineering Chemistry Vily Publications Dr. Rakesh Shrivastav
    FCPC Vily Publications Mr. Kuldeep Tomar
    BME SatyaPrakashan Mr. Tarun Gupta
    SOM Vayu Education of India Mr. Tarun Gupta
    BME SatyaPrakashan Mr. B.C. Sharma
    Electrical Technology Vily Publications Mr. Vinod Kumar