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    Civil Engineering


    Civil Engineering helps us design, construct and maintain infrastructural elements that range from roads to dams. A civil engineer works to improve living conditions by continuously working for the safety and comfort of the society by upgrade of the public facilities be it roads, tunnels, bridges, water systems or buildings.

    Civil Engineering aspirants must have a keen sense of analytical ability, social responsibility and creative thinking. A taste for team work with architects, contractors, and construction workers is necessary since interaction is essential for the knowledge sharing, feedback and success of projects.

    The civil engineer is expected to have a thorough knowledge of varied branches of learning. Physics and Mathematics are the foremost of these disciplines. Moreover Geography, Hydrology, Geology, Structural Analysis, Materials Science, Soil Structure, Environmental Science and many other fields constitute the subject of Civil Engineering.


    Name Semester Result Year University Rank
    Dambar Kr. Karki 1 2018 4
    Dambar Kr. Karki 2 2018 4
    Yogesh 3 2019 4
    Dambar Kr. Karki 3 2019 6
    Dambar Kr. Karki 4 2019 5


    Why Civil ?

    Civil engineers have a vital role in building the infrastructure for communities as well as developing new real estate and maintaining existing residential, commercial, or government buildings. They ensure that every road, bridge, airport, office building, water supply and sewage plant, and mass transit system is well-planned and executed. This degree, you could literally change the world.


    • Highway engineers
    • Architectural engineers
    • Bridge engineers
    • Geotechnical engineers
    • Hydrographic engineers
    • Research hydraulic engineers
    • Urban planning engineer
    • Structural consultant