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    Fashion & Apparel engineering program deals with the design, technology, latest advancement and superficial art & craft techniques. NGFCET Fashion & Apparel Engineering program is a 4 Year Undergraduate pathway builds a strong foundation in terms of design sense, conceptualization, independent research, creative application and individual artistic expression.

    They have a wide range and combination of materials to work with an ample range of fabric, colours, motif, and styles. Fashion Design cultural and social latitudes, they can design the cloths, footwear, accessories and lifestyle which are aesthetically as well as functional pleasing. The objective of course is to educate the creative, technical person and appropriate professional standards. The students are exposed to the creative skills in design development, fashion illustration, pattern making, cutting, garment construction, textiles, dyeing, printing, embellishment, personal styling and much more.

    The main focal point of the course is to provide a graduate learning pathway through distinct level of subjects’ competencies and differentiated areas. It will also motivate the students to develop intellectual and critical thinking in their work through rigorous research enquiry, evaluation and application.

    This course of study will prepare the student for a spacious range in Fashion Industry, Buying & Export House, Fashion Design, Textiles Industry, Handlooms Sectors, Fashion Shows, Fashion Journalist, and Fashion Anchor etc.



    Why Fashion & Apparel ?

    This degree incorporates engineering and fashion together, in order to fulfil the gap between fashion industries. After completing this degree, the students will be responsible for designing a sketch, selectin fabric and also overseeing the entire production of the costume. The degree teaches you to be creative and apply science and mathematics concepts where applicable.


    • Fashion Designer
    • Fashion Choreographer
    • Accessories Designer
    • Media & Fashion Journalism
    • Visual Merchandiser
    • Sketching Assistance
    • Fashion Illustrator
    • Portfolio Designer