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Introducing a COE with Career Development & Placement Cell, designed to support students by offering a fully managed academic pathway with training, projects, research, internship & eventually providing collaborations with various companies.

Career Counselling & SMART ASSESMENT for Talent Measurement

At NGFCET COE, a detailed and in-depth assessment tests are incorporated to help the students and provide them all sorts of ideas and methods to perform and excel in competitive examinations and corporate interviews

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Engineering today encompasses more than simply building bridges that stay up, or buildings that reach the sky.

Engineering today stretches from the food you eat to the phone in your pocket. A career in engineering offers something few other careers do: travel, working with different people, an excellent salary, creativity, and most of all, making a difference.

If you are a young enthusiast and thinking about a career that involves all of these things, then this is the career for a you. There are 10 reasons on here to love engineering, but if you do a little investigating for yourself, you will find there are many, many more reasons; reasons that should make you consider this as a career.

Love Your Work

Engineering will give you a career you’ll love!

Engineering is a job you can fall in love with. It’s so vast that you will be able to find a role that you are really passionate about. Not only are there opportunities to work on challenging projects, you’ll be able to find solutions. Imagine going to work every day where your uniqueness - the things that make you special - are part and parcel of what you do all day

Never be Boared

An engineering career means no day is the same!

There are hundreds of different engineering jobs to choose from. Ranging from environmental engineers that make sure your water is clean to design engineers who design the mobile phone that you use. All engineering careers involve so many different things and working with so many people that boredom is not an option.

Be Creative

Engineering gives you the opportunity to not just work on exciting projects, but to create them!

Engineering is exciting, creative and fast paced, where your own ideas and solutions to problems could become a reality. You could be working on the latest space travel, the cars of the future, advanced healthcare and sustainable energy.


An engineering career gives you the chance to see & explore the world

An engineering career opens many doors, including the chance to take your career overseas. You’ll be able to visit, work or live in the country - or countries - you’ve always dreamed of going to.

Enjoy Job Flexibility

Engineering careers offer you a flexibility that you find in new jobs!

Engineering ranks as one of the top ten work-from-home jobs where it’s possible not to be in an office full time, and still earn leadership positions with flexible hours. Reports in recent years have shown that engineering offers excellent opportunities such as remote working, flexible schedules, part time hours. If 9-5 is not for you then engineering is your perfect job

Great Colleagues

Engineering projects mean that you will be working with different people from across the world

An engineering career means working with people from across the world. Most engineering projects can be international, so you will meet different, interesting people who are always looking to solve challenges

Solve Problems

Engineering gives you the opportunity to make things that really matter!

As an engineer, you could be the person that makes YouTube videos download without interruption, or you could make sure vital electronics work in cars, phones and computers. An engineering career could see you solving the biggest problems across land, sea and air, making the world a better place.

Earn a Big Salary

Engineering careers pay well from the start & increase as you move up your career

The average starting salary for an engineer is between INR 20-30 k and this will increase as you get more experience and move up in your career. Engineering is ever changing so what you could earn as a senior engineer depends on what industry you’re in.

Make a Difference

An engineering career gives you the chance to make an impact on the world!

There are very few jobs where you can say that your work has saved millions of lives or helped people get through their day smoothly. Engineers create new industries, solve age-old problems, and make dreams of others a possibility. An engineering career really means making a difference.

Change the World

Make a difference & save the world!

Engineering offers you the chance to transform and change the world and save so many lives. Engineers have already made a difference to the world such as inventing lifesaving MRI scans, building flood defenses and developing 3D printing. In the future, you could be working on reducing air pollution, creating innovative modes of transport and designing new medical equipment.

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