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    To break the shackles of mediocrity and to reach effortlessly for excellence, a society must lay great emphasis on education. For education to permeate to every level of society and power a surge to inclusive progress. we need active involvement of philanthropists, industrialists and visionaries.

    Over the last 50 years. the New Green Field Educational Society has been fortunate enough to gather a talented and committed team In keeping with our long pursuit of excellence, the Founding Members of NGFES decided to create a seat of higher education amidst serene and verdant surroundings. Far from the madding crowds, this hamlet of tranquility offers the promise of a life lived in meaningful action.

    NGF pursues the highest moral, ethical and cultural values and is committed to providing its students with the best infrastructural arid human resources available. In the process. NGF aims to match and then surpass the leading national and international educational institutions.

    Mrs. Protima Prabhakar



    Rapid advancements in technology and globalisation have brought about dramatic change in Indian business environment. Highly competitive markets are pulling tremendous pressure on companies. This has caused a paradigm shift in the way organizations are structured and responsibilities are shared. It is only value based education which can bring about positive changes in this knowledge based global economy by way of transforming the society and bringing dignity to the country. It is the human capital of a country which determines the role of the nation in the decision making process of international institutions like UNO for achieving their respective objectives.

    We, at NGFCET, understand the changed role of a professional in today’s business environment. We understand that it takes much more than theoretical knowledge to perform in a team and give the team its winning edge. We understand that business organizations are looking for not merely technically trained students, but multi-dimensional professionals.

    Teaching at NGFCET goes far beyond the curriculum and students are additionally given hands on experience on state-of-the-art software tools used by R&D departments of leading industries across the globe. The unique facilities provided include CNC. CAD/CAM Lab. Computer Hardware Lab. software tool. Oracle. Solid works Software etc.

    Mr. Ashwani Parbhakar



    Fueled by optimism, ingenuity and a sense of responsibility, we seek to accelerate our purposeful impact in the Region.

    The scale and urgency of challenges facing us today require that NGFCET reach farther and move faster to accelerate our purposeful impact in the Region . We need a new way of working that enables us to tackle long-standing issues facing our society and our Industry and allows us to be nimble when faced with unexpected threats.

    The strategic imperative of embedding ethics in everything we do is integrated across Our Vision, which is focused on:

    • Accelerating Solutions to the Industry & Student's most pressing problems
    • Enhancing our Knowledge of the Industry & Student’s and ourselves
    • Advancing Education for our students, who are determined to make a difference
    • Supporting our diverse Community of faculty, students and staff, who underlie the NGFCET's beneficial impact in the Region .

    Mr. Sharat Kaushik


    Deputy Director's Desk

    The prospects are better than ever to develop technology enabled sustainable solutions for the ever evolving needs and challenges of global community. That calls for a greater need for the trained manpower that has a proactive approach towards the management of technology to beat the challenges of vulnerable social, economic and environmental ecosystems.

    At NGFCET we are committed to develop professionals who understand the modalities of the modern society. Through a well-structured mentorship program these young minds are encouraged to overcome their inhibitions and realize their own potential. Expertly curated soft skills development programs enable to connect well with the world around. The judicious use of online and offline resources for learning orients them to adopt the culture of continuous self-improvement for life.

    Thoughtfully designed extra-curricular activities by various student clubs provide interactive platforms that sensitize them towards regional and cultural diversity. Regular visits to NGOs and events on social and environmental causes help our students imbibe Human Values. We host a variety of sports facilities within the campus and special scholarships are given to performers at various levels. Here, the dimensions of education expand beyond curriculum which takes care of intellectual, emotional, mental and physical well-being.

    The dedicated teams of ‘Industry Interaction and Partnership Cell’ and ‘Centre of Excellence’ work relentlessly to bridge the gap between college and local industry in the zone and across the country. They focus on providing practical exposure through internships, live projects, Industry visits, and guest lectures from Industry experts. ‘Alumni Connect Program’ facilitates meaningful dialogue between students and Alumni for hand holding and guidance on career planning. We are committed to promote the culture self-employment and offer incubation facilities within the campus.

    Every element of NGFCET reiterates its mission to empower youth with knowledge, skills and mindset that are required to create futuristic progressive society.

    Dr. Manpreet Kaur

    Deputy Director

    Board of Governors

    Board of Governors comprise of key officials and experts from different areas of expertise. The Board consists of eminent educationists, industry experts, businessmen and corporate heads. It is responsible for the general superintendence of the institute, and for steering & providing direction in related matters.