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    In the 21st century, information is the most important resource and knowledge management is the most crucial function in an Institution.

    The resource, materials are piled up in the well-equipped air-conditioned library of the college- 45526 books are stacked under 7515 titles. This includes 93 journals and 1000 text books circulated in the books bank. The library subscribes to 85 National and 21 International e-journal through different agencies and publications.

    The whole process of Library activities as acquisition, cataloguing, circulation, OPAC (on line public access catalogue), serial control etc. are automated.

    Library Policy

    All students and staff of NGFCET have access to the library by following library rules and regulations.

    A. General

    • Every student should possess his/her ID card whereas creating use of the library and show the same to the library staff on entering the library.
    • All the users should sign in the register at the entrance of the library.
    • Students or staff should observe silence within the library.
    • Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited.
    • Personal books, files, laboratory coat/apron and articles will not be allowed inside the Library restricted area. The students are requested to take care of their belongings. Library will not take responsibility for any kind of loss of personal belongings.
    • Loud conversation and similar objectionable practices are not allowed in or around the Library.

    Reading Section Rules:

    • Reading section will provide only reading facilities of books, Journals, Magazines and Newspapers etc. to the users within the Library.
    • Readers ought to work quietly and be kind to others using the Reading Room.
    • Damaging book (e.g. Tearing, page missing, loose of binding and wet Book etc.) or theft of Library Collections is an offence and those accountable/responsible will be prosecuted.
    • Tearing of sheets from Journals, newspapers and other reading materials etc. is strictly prohibited and is punishable offence.
    • Laptops and mobiles phones charging are not allowed inside the library.
    • No food or drink (including bottled water) is allowed on the Reading Table.
    • Readers leaving the library should allow the library/security staff to examine their personal belongings.
    • The borrowing facility can be restricted or suspended in case of misbehaviour or misuse of the library facilities/ materials.

    Use of Computers and Internet

    • Personal Laptop Computers will be allowed inside the library but the users will maintain such an environment which will not disturb the others.
    • Internet access will be provided for the users having laptops and necessary access permission to net will be available from the IT Team.
    • Computers and Internet will be used only for academic purposes.
    • User will not use internet and any other equipment for recreational purpose.

    Borrowing Policy:

    The borrowing policy will be communicated to the student on the day of issue and the student have to follow the deadline, in order to avoid any fines.

    Renewals Policy:

    • Students can renew a book from 5 days before the due date.
    • The books cannot be renewed more than 4 times.
    • The reading material requested by another borrower cannot be renewed.

    Overdue Charges:

    • An overdue charge @Rs.10/- per day will be levied after the expiry of due date
    • Maximum over-due charges would be three times the latest cost of issued book.
    • Library will not provide any exemption on overdue charges during examinations, vacations and holidays etc.
    • Borrowing privileges will be restored after return of all late materials and/or payment of all fees.

    Lost / Damaged Library Documents:

    • Loss of Library cum ID cards and books should be reported to Library staff immediately in written.
    • For lost or damaged book (e.g. Torned, page missing, lose of binding and wet book etc.), patron has to pay two times cost of the book along with overdue and other charges as applicable.
    • Entire volume cost is recovered for the document which is a part of multi volumes/ issue set.
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