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    The MBA Dual Degree is a two-year postgraduate programme that aims at grooming young minds for responsible positions in industry trade commerce and other services with a high level of motivation. The programme accentuates the professional skills of participants in varied spheres both systematically and creatively to improve business and management practice.

    The students are groomed to be able to work with self-direction and originality applying knowledge and understanding of the principles of management to contribute to business and society at large. An MBA programme with a dual specialisation offers students the option of pursuing a concentration in two discrete areas of business administration which may include accounting business technologies communications economics entrepreneurship finance marketing operations management organisational leadership and other relevant subject areas.

    Studying MBA with (DUAL) Specialisation from NGF will give graduates an extensive understanding of business finance economics and marketing as well as a variety of practical skills and work experience. The programme will ensure making the students highly sought after by prospective employers in various domains.


    Financial Management Marketing Management Human Resource Management International Business Management Information Technology Management CBCS Code

    Corporate Taxation (MB/FM 209)

    Services Marketing (MB/MM


    Training and Development (MB/HRM 209)

    International Marketing (MB/IBM 209)


    (MB/ITM 209)


    Working Capital Management (MB/FM 210)

    Consumer Behaviour (MB/MM 210)

    Organisation Change and Development (MB/HRM 210)

    Multinational Banking (MB/IBM 210)

    Software Quality Assurance (MB/ITM 210)


    Financial Institutions and Markets (MB/FM 211)

    Sales and Distribution Management (MB/MM


    Industrial Relations and its legal aspects (MB/HRM211)

    International Trade Theory and Practice (MB/IBM 211)

    Internet Marketing (MB/ITM 211)


    Mergers, Acquisitions & Corporate

    Restructuring (MB/FM 212)

    Product and Brand Management

    (MB/MM 212)

    Compensation and Benefits Management (MB/HRM 212)

    Global Strategic Management (MB/IBM 212)

    Search Engine Optimization Methods (MB/ITM 212)


    Foreign Exchange Management (MB/FM 213)

    Customer Relationship Management (MB/MM 213)

    Performance Management (MB/HRM 213)

    International Financial Management (MB/IBM 213)

    Business Transformation Tools &Techniques

    (MB/ITM 213)


    Risk Management And Insurance (MB/FM 214)

    Logistics & Supply Chain Management (MB/MM 214)

    Strategic Human Resource Management (MB/HRM 214)

    International Logistics (MB/IBM 214)

    Cyber Law & Business Regulatory Framework

    (MB/ITM 214)


    Project Planning and Analysis (MB/FM 215)

    Retail Management (MB/MM 215)

    Human Resource Planning and

    Development (MB/HRM 215)

    Cross Cultural Human Resource

    Management (MB/IBM 215)

    Data Base Management System (MB/ITM 215)


    Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

    (MB/FM 216)

    Marketing Research (MB/MM216)

    Team Building in Organizations (MB/HRM216)

    Export Import Procedure and Documentation (MB/IBM 216)

    Multimedia And Web Development (MB/ITM 216)



    Why MBA ?

    MBA degree continues to be a stepping stone that enables the dreams of many applicants. This can help you with better career opportunities and also removes any entry barriers that many organizations have made to hire only candidates with MBA. This degree accelerates the entrepreneurship skills in an individual with in-depth knowledge of the process and work on multiple projects.


    • Marketing Managers
    • Sales Managers
    • Advertising Professionals
    • Marketing Analyst
    • Product Manager
    • Relationship Manager