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    IIPC (Industry Interaction& Partnership cell)


    The purpose of the placement policy is to define the overall structure & processes of the placement cell, and to structure the roles & responsibilities of the teams working on this process of placement cell.

    The policy will ensure that-

    • All eligible students will get on and off campus placement.
    • Deserving candidates can have the opportunity to start their career with their preferred company/PP opportunity in the company where they did summer project.
    • To maintain the quality standards of the jobs offered.
    • To ensure that the whole team work according to the defined processes to achieve the common objective.


    This policy relates to all Graduates and Non- Graduate courses of NGFCET-

    • Students will be assessed;
    • Completion is required for an award of the diploma or degree from Institute/ respective University only.
    • Campus recruitment is meant only for the eligible Students of Final year.

    The Institute

    • The role of IIPC is to provide placement assistance toGraduate and Post graduate students. IIPC will endeavor to-
      1. Bring together the students and the potential employing organizations.
      2. Facilitate interactions between the two.
    • For this purpose, IIPC along with student placement coordinators will correspond with organizations, arrange interviews for students and coordinate various placement activities.
    • All placements will be routed through the IIPC with student placement coordinators.


    All students, shall be eligible to receive placement assistance unless otherwise debarred from receiving such assistance on account of:

    • Secured less than the minimum passing marks in their program and attendance less than 70%.
    • Non completion of Summer Training/other academic requirements.
    • Breach of discipline and general misconduct.
    • Non-payment of fees or any other dues.

    It will be in the interest of all concerned in the Final Placement Process, to adhere and support the contents of this note, as successful completion of this program will benefit both – NGF College and the students.

    Registration for Placement Assistance

    All students seeking Placement Assistance are required to register for the same by providing additional information as required by IIPC and also sign an undertaking.

    Application Procedure

    The students will have to update their profile and CV in IIPC in the given deadline.

    All the placement related information (including job profile, company profile, package details) will be shared with the students only through Notice Boards/ E-mail. Interested students can apply for a particular job only through IIPC.

    The students are advised to adhere to the deadlines. No requests from the students will be entertained after the deadline.

    The students are also advised to update their mobile numbers email IDs and addresses in IIPC, academics, admissions, examination etc. in order to get timely and appropriate communication. Registration for each company separately.

    It will be compulsory for all the students to appear in the Pre-Placement Talk (PPT) of the company, if the company is from his/her preferred specialization. As well as the students have to remain present during this period throughout in the campus to avail timely communication and appropriate placement opportunity.

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    Important Instructions

    Before the placement

    The students will:

    • Ensure that any training requirements, course requisites, essential criteria or milestones by which eligibility to undertake placement is determined are completed prior to undertaking placements, for example, successful completion of preparatory courses, workshops or tutorials;
    • Complete all required documentation, for example, updated
    • resumes, submission of relevant information in accordance with the placement department;
    • Formally disclose any disability which may affect the placementand for which they are seeking additional support during the placement;
    • Make contact with the IIPC team once officially advised to do so.
    • It is also desirable, students to make CVs for each opportunity depending on work profile separately.

    During the placement

    The students will:

    • Carry their Institute student ID at all times and wear identification and/or uniforms as directed;
    • Adhere to all by-laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures of the placement department including any dress codes;
    • Maintain a level of conduct appropriate to a student in a professional setting and in accordance with the Institute's Code of Conduct;
    • Maintain an appropriate level of confidentiality regarding any placement information if advised by placement cell;
    • Inform the IIPC for any absences from the placement;
    • Complete and/or provide any required documentation relating to absence from the placement, for example, Doctor’s certificate in case of health related issues;
    • The student will advise us the student placement coordinators.

    Placement Process

    The students are free to apply for companies offering jobs in their opted specialization through placement cell.

    No applications from students in response to the press advertisements or to the organizations which have not notified the IIPC about their requirements shall be entertained.

    The student should inform IIPC if they have earlier applied for the same company on their own.

    If a company has approached the IIPC or is in the process of approaching the IIPC for placements, no student shall approach any of these companies on their own, except through IIPC. Students should submit a soft copy of their CV along with photo to the IIPC before the start of placements.

    Students are advised to keep sufficient copies of resume, passport size photos, etc ready so as to submit it as per the requirement of company. No requests for taking the printouts of resumes from the IIPC will be entertained.

    Sometimes organizations, at the time of their campus interviews, may inform the IIPC that they are interested in screening more candidates. Then the IIPC will ask other interested students to apply immediately and the students may have to submit their resumes at short notice. Making several copies of the resume is, therefore, desirable.

    Students may apply to organizations only against functional positions specified by IIPC. IIPC shall not entertain applications/resumes of students who want to apply for hypothetical positions or for functional areas not announced

    Short listing

    Companies may do short listing of students themselves on the basis of information supplied by the students in their registration profile or CVs/ Resumes.

    In case a company insists on short listing to be done by the Institute without explicitly citing any criteria, it will be done on the basis of Criteria determined in consultation with the Area Heads, Student placement coordinator and TPO.

    Interview Procedure

    Interview schedules as decided by the IIPC shall be given to the visiting executives. Thereafter no modifications shall be entertained, except under very unusual circumstances.

    Students shall-

    • Keep record of organizations and positions for which they apply.
    • Keep notes on the job details announced. These are useful at the time of interview.
    • Prepare completely for attending the various Written Tests, Group Discussions and Interviews, particularly in respect of the specific company for which they are appearing.
    • Study the website of the company & their competitors.
    • Students shall not, at the time of interview, negotiate with the employer about salary and terms different from what is announced earlier, unless the announcement specifies that the salary is negotiable.
    • While attending interviews, students must be punctual and come in Uniform only.


    • Men
      Men should wear a well-tailored uniform as prescribed by the institute. Socks need to be a dark solid or a small pattern. Shoes need to be in leather (Black or Brown).

    • Women
      Women should wear a well-tailored uniform as prescribed by the institute. Wear low to medium leather, heeled shoes. Never wear open toe shoes.

    • Hair/Makeup
      Keep hair nice and neat. There is no specific hairstyle recommended, only that your hair should be clean and well groomed. For short haired women, hair should be shampooed and nicely cut and for long hairs it should be nicely tied up. Women, wear natural looking makeup that will flatter and compliment, not over power, your outfit. For men, beards and other facial hair should be neatly trimmed. Also be aware that some industries and organizations may frown on long hair or facial hair.

    • Nails
      Nails should be clean and in proper shape and size. Women do not have to wear nail polish; however, if polish is worn, make sure that it is a natural, conservative color and not chipping off.

    • Perfume
      Do not use perfume or cologne as many people have strong, adverse or even allergic reactions to it.

    • Jewellery
      Wear only a conservative amount of jewellery.

    • Tattoos/Piercing
      If you have any type of tattoos or body piercing, consider how it will be perceived during a first impression. In fact, there are some career fields and organizations where having a visible tattoo or body piercing is unacceptable and may eliminate you as a candidate.

    • Purse/Folder
      While you would never bring in your backpack, it is fine to bring in a professional looking purse or a folder to an interview to carry necessary items. Never take a cell phone into an interview room/cabin. The things you should carry for an interview are
      • A notebook to take notes or jot down information
      • Many students like using a portfolio notebook that includes a notepad, penholder, file pocket and passport size photograph.
      • A good pen or pencil
      • At least one copy of your resume and list of your references .

      The students must observe and adhere to all codes of conduct rules specified by IIPC. While answering questions in the interview, students should observe decorum. They should abstain from making any kind of derogatory remarks about others.

      The impact of the behavior exhibited by the interviewees has at times reduced the opportunities available to future batches of students. Irresponsible behavior, such as efforts to "market" oneself, derogatory remarks about other candidates or the university, negotiations other than those purported under the due process, will be seriously viewed.

      Such students may be denied further Placement Assistance.

      Keeping the company’s convenience in view, selection processes may take place in any city/town in the states. The students may be required to travel and attend the same. The IIPC shall pass on the information received from the organization to the concerned students. The students are expected to make their own travel and other arrangements.

      It is compulsory for every student who has applied for a particular company, to attend the Pre Placement Talk (PPT) of that company. If a student does not attend two consecutive PPTs, he/she will not be allowed to apply till further clearance from the Director.

    Withdrawal Procedure

    Any student who has applied for a particular company can withdraw from the company after the Pre Placement Talk.

    Once the selection procedure has started, students cannot withdraw at any stage, unless they have a final offer from another organization during the period of registration and interview process. It is presumed that students would apply for a position after careful consideration of all the relevant aspects.

    If a student does not appear for interview after giving the nomination and confirmation after PPT, he/she is deemed to have withdrawn.

    Only in very exceptional circumstances, shall a student be permitted to withdraw from the selection procedure of attending preliminary interview if short

    listed by the organization at any stage, i.e. if-

    • He/she explains in writing to the Director -IIPC full reasons for and the unusual circumstances that need his/her withdrawal, and that the Director –IIPC accepts these as truly exceptional and legitimate grounds for withdrawal.
    • The Director IIPC is of the view that the interviewing organization would not feel offended.
    • It might be necessary for the student to meet personally the organization's executive and explain the reasons why he/she does not wish to be considered further by the organization. The same will be routed through the IIPC. Subject to permission as above, a student can withdraw a maximum two times from the selection processes provided by the Institute. The moment he/she refuses to sit for the interview for the third time, he will be out of the Placement Process. The students should not negotiate about the package/salary from the company unless specified in the Job Post. All the negotiations regarding the package and profile are done by the Placement Department.

    Job Offers

    • Eligible students are permitted to receive a maximum of one job offer from the Institute. A student shall be allowed to go through the selection processes, based on specified criteria, till he/she secures a job offer.
    • Students shall not request any organization to keep an offer pending. Any such request shall be considered as a serious breach of the placement norms.
    • They shall also not request their future employers to allow extension of deadline for communication of their decision regarding offers made by an organization. Such a job offer shall be treated as a final offer and the student shall not be eligible for placement assistance, thereafter.
    • All offers of a particular company shall be announced at the end of the selection process of that company. All offers shall be routed through the IIPC only.
    • IIPC will follow one candidate – one offer letter policy


    • IIPC shall aim to provide placement assistance for all graduating students. Placement is a privilege extended to the students not a right.
    • These guidelines are framed to ensure equality and fairness of opportunity to all the students. All students who opt for placement through the IIPC shall abide by the guidelines prescribed herein above.
    • Any breach of rules specified above by any student, shall be taken up seriously by the IIPC who in turn will view the matter and take action against the student, as it may deem fit.
    • Students shall not try to gain unauthorized access to communications regarding placements from the University's administrative system like the IIPC, Dispatch and.
    • If, in the judgment of the IIPC, a student has behaved in a manner unbecoming of a graduate of the university, the IIPC would be free to impose a suitable penalty to the extent of withdrawing further placement assistance to the concerned student and taking other action as necessary.
    • The IIPC reserves the right of modifying any or all of the above norms and/or stipulating additional norms for placement which, in its judgment and discretion, are likely to benefit the students, immediately or in the future.
    • Final authority in case of any dispute would be the Director/Dean and his/her decision will be

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