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    Policy for withdrawal and refund of fees

    Candidates may withdraw their admission by submitting an Application Form. Submit the duly filled application form in person along with original copy of the receipt of the fee deposited to the Office of the Registrar through Deputy Registrar (Registration & Scholarship), for which he/ she must obtain an acknowledgement.

    The fee deposited by such a candidate shall be refunded after deducting Rs. 1000/- provided the candidate has submitted the Withdrawal Application up to the first day of Commencement of the classes. In such cases, the refund of fee shall be made within 30 days from the final cut off date of admission, which shall be normally 30th September of the calendar year, through cheque in favor of the Candidate only and sent at the address for correspondence through recorded delivery.

    It is made clear that no refund of fee shall be made after the commencement of classes, even if the fresh admission continues against the vacant/ dropout seats. It is, further, made clear that if a candidate seeks admission after the commencement of the classes and later, withdraws his / her admission, no refund of fees, in such case shall be made.

    A student admitted in the College shall be required to pay fee for the entire duration of the course on annual basis in two installments. If a student is detained due to whatsoever reason, he / she shall be required to pay the fees again, when he / she is readmitted. It is made clear that if a student leaves the programme / course of study in between, without completing the programme for whatsoever reasons, he/she will be liable to pay fees for the balance duration of the programme as well, as per directions of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India in Islamic Academy of Education case. No correspondence in respect of refund of fee against withdrawal shall be entertained until and unless it is in reference to the Acknowledgement No. and Date given by the Deputy Registrar at the time of receipt of the Withdrawal Application along with original receipt of the fee deposited.