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    Sports & Fitness Facilities

    Our students have the chance to use our world-class sporting and fitness facilities, as well as join our social teams and sports clubs. NGFCET has good sports & fitness facility in the campus like football, volleyball, badminton, basketball, tennis court, cricket pitch for net practice. Indoor games are also available in the hostel like chess, carrom, table-tennis. Each hostel is provided with a table tennis board at each floor. College is having more than enough equipment of every indoor & outdoor games like cricket, footballs, basketballs, volleyballs, golf, archery, tennis & badminton rackets and shuttles etc. NGFCET have separate indoor game rooms which have games like Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess etc

    A well-equipped Multi Gym facility for our students with latest equipment. Dedicated fitness coach is available to guide for exercise & proper diet too.

    Sports Council

    Member of sports council are responsible for participating differents sports events as well as managing events too. Our sports council divided into two parts where as Faculty & Students. Every year students council are changing as per their performance. From the faculty desk, details are as follows.

    S.No. Name Designation
    1. Mr Jitender Tewatia Sports Convenor
    2. Mr Hoshiyar Singh Fitness Coach
    3. Mr Arvind Chauhan Sports Incharge
    4. Mr Raj Singh Sports Incharge

    Sports Team

    Football Team

    S.No. Name Branch Year
    1 Jojo Alex M.E 2nd year
    2 Shem Debkarma M.E 4th year
    3 Jakula Debkarma E.C.E  3rd year
    4 Kanistha Gautam M.E 3rd year
    5 Denimil Suchiang Civil 1st year
    6 Aaqib Rehman E.C.E  1st year
    7 Kamal Pushkar M.E 2nd year
    8 Binjen Civil 1st year
    9 Billo Dalo Civil 1st year
    10 Yasir beigh M.E 2nd year
    11 Bishnu Sharma Civil 1st year
    12 Akhilesh Purle E.E.E 3rd year

    Basketball Team

    S.No. Name Branch Year
    1 Kanishtha Gautam M.E 3rd year
    2 Ankit Yadav M.E 3rd year
    3 Nitish Sharma M.E 3rd year
    4 Ajay Deshpal M.E 1st year
    5 Anurag Dalal Civil 1st year
    6 Tarun Goyal E.C.E 4th year
    7 Narveer E.C.E 4th year
    8 Kawsar E.E 1st year
    9 Sumit Civil 1st year
    10 Rahul M.E 1st year
    11 Alok E.C.E 2nd year
    12 Rohit Kumar E.E 2nd year

    Volleyball Team

    S.No. Name Branch Year
    1 Narender M.E 2nd year
    2 Devender M.E 2nd year
    3 Narveer E.C.E 4th year
    4 Deepak Kumar M.E 3rd year
    5 Atul Ranjan E.C.E 3rd year
    6 Vikas Dhull M.E 1st year
    7 Rahul M.E 1st year
    8 Kawsar E.E 1st year
    9 Firdous Ahmad E.E 1st year
    10 Sumit civil 1st year
    11 Amit Giri M.E 3rd year
    12 Manoj M.E 3rd year

    Cricket Team

    S.No. Name Branch Year
    1 Sanjeev E.C.E  3rd year
    2 Ajay Saini E.C.E  3rd year
    3 Paramveer E.C.E  2nd year
    4 Harish M.E 2nd year
    5 Birender M.E 2nd year
    6 Devender Singh M.E 2nd year
    7 Gurpreet M.E 2nd year
    8 Parvesh M.E 1st year
    9 Aamir khan E.E 1st year
    10 Darshan Lal Civil 1st year
    11 Rinku Civil 1st year
    12 Mubashir Soly E.C.E  1st year
    13 Javed Maqbool E.E 1st year
    14 Rahul M.E 1st year
    15 Ali Mohammad Joo E.E 1st year
    16 Murtaza Rafiq E.E 1st year
    17 Vikas M.E 1st year
    18 Devender Singh M.E 2nd year
    19 Narender M.E 2nd year
    20 Hilal Ahmad Mir E.E 1st year

    List of Achivements

    S.No. Name Branch Achivements
    1 Team NGFCET(Cricket) NA Winner D.C.T.M COLLEGE, PALWAL,Inter College(2018-19)
    Runner Up  M.V.N University, PALWAL, Inter college(2019-20)
    2 Team NGFCET(Foot ball) NA 2nd POSITION D.C.T.M PALWAL, Inter College (2018-19)
    3 Team NGFCET(Basketball) NA 2nd POSITION A.I.T.I PALWAL, Inter College (2018-19)
    4 Team NGFCET(Volleyball) NA 2nd POSITION J.B.K.P Faridabad, Inter College( 2018-19)
    5 Team NGFCET(Kabaddi) NA Runner Up at Y.M.C.A  University,Inter College, Boys & Girls Team(2018-19)
    6 Team NGFCET(Badminton)   Rinner Up at MDU inter College(2018-19)
    7 Arun Sharma  ECE . 1st position in weight liftting M.D.U (2018-19)
    . All India University participation, Kalikat (2018-19)
    . 1st in Power Lifting (2018-19)
    8 Maninder Sourot, Yash Gupta, Bharat Aggarwal ECE 1st Position at YMCA University, Archery Tournament, Inter- College (2018-19)
    9 Jaidev Sourot MBA 1st position Power Lifting, Inter College(2018-19)
    10 Rajdev Sharma ECE 1st position Power Lifting(2018-19)
    11 Abhishek C.S.E 2nd position Power Lifting(2018-19)
    12 Narveer E.C.E 1st POSITION RAWAL INSTITUTE, Inter College (2018-19)
    3rd POSITION D.C.T.M PALWAL, Inter College (2018-19)