“And I am not here to be AVERAGE I am here to be remarkably OUTSTANDING”

Standing confident and why should A, B or C Company hire you? Is a question mark for every student? Scoring a remarkably grade out of the crowd starts with choosing a career right from passing out with flying colours in the boards.


Deciding on and grading the colleges of your preferences.

Listing down your benchmark.

Rank your preferences.

A (must) student should keep a keen eye on the eligibility for any sort of scholarship or financial aid.

Submerging in the surrounding atmosphere.

Brand conscious must not be the prime focal point.

And you must make sure you have the eligibility scores.


A stable and rigid, top engineering college gives priority to good teaching, is known for its accomplished faculty members and often conducts important engineering research based modernized technologies.

Making yourself qualified, skills required according to the contemporary market and moulding yourself beautifully makes an addition to the team as well as the Organization hiring you.


Choosing among the pool of engineering colleges in the heart of the capital will be one of the most difficult tasks for any student; keen on progressing in their academic career. Students need to consider what type of degree he/she needs in order to fabricate their engineering career goals, as well as whether or not the engineering establishment he/she is considering meets your personal needs and to what tier. A right Engineering College may boil down to its tuition, location and reputation. So what comes in your mind?


“NGF College of Engineering and Technology”- the Best Engineering College in Delhi.

Categorized as the Best Industry Oriented College or the Best Engineering College in the Delhi NGFCET knows the wants and demands with the latest modernized market scenario and helps one know the field in which he/she wants to step into and try to specialize immediately upon 12th.

And WHY should a Student choose NGF College of Engineering and Technology!

  • Receiving High-quality edification and Industry based- research. …
  • Laying a strong focus on final-graduate employability. …
  • Monetary is a big factor, so an affordable cost of living plays an important factor here.
  • Visiting the College and experiencing the stunning surroundings where the student will be spending the rest of the 4 years and historic sites. (knowledge of ancient cultural beauty and the extraordinary monuments created by our  famous rulers ) …
  • An international outlook and social circles. …
  • Excellent support both in services and exposure for international students.
  • A wide range of extracurricular activities for both body and mind fitness.


Putting a fix at NGF College with each passing day, more and more students in India are enrolling into this private engineering college. After all, a career-focused undergraduate while studying in the next 4 years well knows that this college will be meeting with all the needs of the students supporting without missing out any of the above factors.


In spite of the facilities delivered-query stillarises, why should an undergrad choose a Private college over a Government college?

So, putting in a nutshell, the below characteristics could help in highlighting how studying engineering in a private engineering college fits into students lives:

  1. A constant observation to each student– It is a well-known fact that privately-owned centre of learning or colleges is considerably magnified than public colleges. They provide fewer faculties and take in lesser number of students. This particular element is advantageous because it allows each student to open up easily and communicate with the lecturers and professors, and discuss their complications freely. The combination with fewer numbers of students aligning with that of the instructors makes the process ease in heeding to the attentively focus on each student. Teaching and explaining become a nominally easy task and the students feel like their problems are being attended as well as treated with equal significance as that of the others.
  2. Engineering infrastructure – Private engineering colleges invest a lot on their labs to build up their students level of interests and they believe in providing them with the best of automation. They allow them to learn and practise in well-equipped labs and provide them with state-of-the-art mechanization so that they always stay a step in towards the front of the rest. Mechanical, electrical, computer science and other such engineering courses make sure that the learning environment for their students is not halfway house in any way.
  3. Reputation (a built of trust) – Private Institutions and colleges are more reputable and more of trust worth when it comes chiefly to job seeking opportunities. Receiving a degree out of a reputed private engineering college can earn you a good reputation and can help you earn the best of placements that you have always dreamed of getting.
  4. Academic achievements and investments– Tying up a good knot with the alumni, who invest time and money into the college so that the college can grow and expand both area-wise and academically should be a must for every Privately owned centre of learning. These rapports and the donations they make, helps the engineering college become better and even provide scholarships to brilliant learners so that they can study and prosper ahead.
  5. Placements– Every student has only one dream when studying in a college – getting good placement opportunities whether the learners is from Engineering, Management or any other Job oriented course. This factor is objectively owned by the private colleges as they have a good reputation for being able to provide their students with, predominantly the outstanding engineering colleges.